Different Kinds Of Escorts

You will definitely come across different kinds of lady escorts if you are the type that enjoys engaging their services. They became part of the business for a number of reasons that could range from pure financial gains to personal business freedom to the thrill of sexual escapades.

Ladies who become escorts come from different social spheres and take views of the business from varying perspectives. Making sure your tastes are in line with the personality of the escort, makes for a more eventful escort adventure. Though escorts can be classified into various kinds, listed here are the kinds that one tends to come across:

New entrees: You will come across ladies who are just new into the escort profession. Some could have the experience of being a street call girl before been introduced into the more tasty venture of been an escort. A lady with such a street background would tend to exhibit some coarse manners she learned off the streets like been personally security conscious of her possessions, clients and her surroundings. She could be conscious of the time she spends with clients or not, and she could be a lady that is willing to please her client or just passes through with them. Many new entrees tend to make great escorts, but a few still have to learn on the trade.

Social outcast: There are a few ladies who became escorts just to break into certain socially elite circles they have longed to mingle with. They had the foresight to see that they could not get into such elite gathering because they are not in the same financial brackets with people of this class, or they come from a social background that is not recognized by such a class. By being an escort, she now sees she can easily mingle with this class cadre through her beauty, good diction, and her feminine wit. Once, she overcomes that first hurdle; she now works on being a permanent member of the cadre.

Escorts by accident: Some escorts had no intention of becoming a part of the industry at all. They started with the intent of backing out after been an escort for a few times but, having seen the financial gains got or the thrill of the venture, decided to stick with it. There has been many instances where the lady in question has been offered such a financial incentive she couldn’t possibly turn it down, or she is in a monetary strapped situation and been an escort is the only way to meet up with the financial demand. Once she has tasted the thrill of satisfying a few clients, coupled with the large monetary incomes she stands to gain off the business, she more than likely will become a full-time escort. As an escort, she can build her business with enough room to spend her time as she wishes, allotting different times to her clients.  Escorts who fall into this category have the benefit of not been blemished character wise as they operate with a touch of class.

One-Night Stands Can Be Messy: Get an escort instead

There are several reasons many people prefer having one-night stands to hiring escorts. Apart from the fact that it is way cheaper, many also claim it is more spontaneous and exciting. Some people who scoff at the idea of getting an escort do so because they believe they can get any partner they want by themselves. However, one night stands can often be disappointing, and things may get messy afterward. This is the reason for hiring a professional escort for your needs may be your best bet. Here are a few reasons why you should go for an escort instead of a hit and miss one-night fling, which may turn out to not be as great as you imagined:

  1. Alcohol does not get in the way of good judgment: most one night stands to take place after the parties involved have had way too much to drink. Often, it is the alcohol that gives you the courage to even hook up in the first place. The downside to this is that you may not end up with the hottest girl in the bar or the girl of your choice and the experience might leave you disappointed by morning. With an escort, however, you know exactly what you want, and you go for it. What you pay for is exactly what you get. With an escort, you’re making a sober decision that is not impaired by alcohol, loud music or anything at all.
  • You don’t have to worry about STDs: there are higher chances of contacting sexually transmitted diseases from a one night stand than from a professional escort. This is because you know nothing of the health history of the person you are hooking up with and STDs are not easy to spot at a glance. An escort on the hand has a policy of engaging in safe sex with clients and periodically checking him or herself and handling any health issues that may arise. Their reputation is worth more than money. So, if you wouldn’t risk having an STD to a memento of your engagements, then hiring an escort is the safer option for you.
  • No-strings-attached with escorts: one thing you never have to worry about is escorts wanting to stay over for the night or longer than the scheduled time. Sometimes, you get one night stands who think there is more to the fling than what it was and would want to sleep over or hook up again with you. This can create an awkward situation for you, and things can get messy if they attempt to show up at your house or workplace or threaten to jeopardize your relationship with your partner. This risk is non-existent with a professional escort. With him or her, you are guaranteed discretion, and they only show up at the scheduled time and leave once the time is up. Everything is business with them, and they are not interested in having any further interactions beyond business with you and no intention of pursuing any relationship with you. And there are no pregnancy scares or blackmails.

Reasons Why Escorts Are No Threat To Wives

Infidelity is never a problem to escorts no matter the kind of business transaction between them and their client. Everything they do is perceived as a mere business. An escort almost never wants to get emotionally attached to their clients or get involved in their personal life. They are only out to give their clients the companionship they desire and help them have a wonderful time whenever their services are needed.

Below are the reasons why a wife should not be bothered if her husband is hanging out with an escort girl rather than a girlfriend.

  1. Limited expenses. Unlike a girlfriend, money spent on an escort girl is limited to a specific amount per hour, tips and gifts are solely up to the client to decide which will most likely align with his income and what he can afford. While on the other hand, a girlfriend sometimes makes demands beyond what the man can afford and would also want him for herself irrespective of his marital status.

An escort girl will never call during the week or any other time when she is not needed to check up on her client or make unnecessary demands while a girlfriend can. Since escort services are paid for, they can be done away with at any time without any consequence, but the case is not so with a girlfriend. Hence a wife should be less worried about her husband seeing an escort. 

  • Limited drama. The drama associated with having a girlfriend can be avoided by seeing an escort instead, whatever happens between the client and the escort is pure business and does not interfere with their personal life. Late night calls, unwanted visits, confrontations and more can all be avoided with an escort. The risk of fathering a child with a woman other than your wife can all be avoided.
  • Fetishes. It is most familiar with men to have fetishes, unlike women. Men are known to have stronger obsessions which can rarely be gotten over if not fulfilled. Only a few women can cope with the crazy sexual obsessions of their husband. For those who can’t, such obsessions can cause them to lose their respect for their husbands or even make the women feel insulted. To be honest, it is disheartening for most women to see their husband dressed up in a diminishing manner all because of their fantasies.

However, for escorts, none of such bothers them. An escort makes a living by satisfying the sexual desires or fantasy of their clients irrespective of what they might be. This saves the woman from going through the discomfort of seeing her husband dressed up unusually all for his fantasy. An escort girl is well experienced at things like this and has all the necessary costume to meet the need of their clients. However, there is always a line between fantasy and reality since the client pays to get what he wants. For these reasons, a wife should not get herself all worked up when her husband sees an escort.